Do You Have a Stump to Grind?

Do You Have a Stump to Grind?

Rely on us for stump removal services in Texarkana, AR & TX

If you need stump removal services in the Texarkana, AR & TX area, choose an arborist who will do a thorough job. The Cranford Land Management team can tackle even the toughest stumps. We'll also refill the hole with mulch or topsoil so you can start using the land again.

Reach out to us now to get a free estimate on stump grinding services.

Why bother removing old stumps?

If you've had a tree removed from your property, the job isn't over until you arrange for stump grinding services. That's because tree stumps can:

  • Clog your plumbing when remaining roots grow into small cracks in your pipes.
  • Sprout new trees that get in the way of mowing and landscaping.
  • Suck the nutrients out of your soil, killing your grass and flowers.

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